Our customers are our best advertisement:

Our replacement vinyl is down and we are very pleased with it.  The tradesmen have done a really nice job and the product looks great, giving every indication that it will perform well to our expectations.  Shelley and I have been very impressed with your customer service during this process.  After the initial vinyl was layed and issues started to become apparent , I wasn't too hopeful that they could be resolved.  We were impressed that you cared enough to arrange to inspect the original vinyl, and the consideration that yourself and Peter (Euroflor Salesman) showed during your visit was outstanding.  We think you are to be congratulated for your commitment to obtaining customer satisfaction - we are now very satisfied customers.

Foster & Shelley Price


We've had fantastic service from Mike (Euroflor Salesman), he was very helpful talking us through the various flooring ranges and discussing the needs that we had for our kitchen.  We're exceptionally happy with the final product too.  The floor looks fantastic. It's easy to keep clean and maintain and sets off our new kitchen beautifully. We would highly recommend this product range and would certainly look to use it again when we are ready to replace the flooring in our family bathroom.

Thanks for everything.

Nuala Fitzpatrick

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