VINYL FLOORING MAINTENANCE GUIDE

Protecting your new vinyl floor from physical damage:

  • Tear or scuff damage can result from dragging heavy appliances across the floor. This can be avoided by using an off-cut of carpet or a sheet of hardboard beneath such units before repositioning them. (If practical allow 24 hours after installation for the adhesive to dry before replacing such units)
  • Stiletto heels will damage the flooring
  • Sharp objects can puncture the surface of the flooring
  • Hot or burning objects may scorch or blister the surface of the floor
  • Indentation marks from cookers and washing machines can be avoided by using hardboard sheets, castor cups or an off-cut of the flooring
  • Abrasions from grit can be prevented by placing a door mat by external doorways. (The door mat must be constructed from a non-staining material) see below

Protecting your floor from stain damage:

  • Rubber backing on door mats may result in yellow discolouration of the floor immediately beneath. Choose a natural fibre mat in preference
  • Rubber feet on furniture can cause staining. Place coasters or felt pads between them and the floor
  • Spirit based products such as permanent markers, hair dye and solvents can stain.  Wipe up spots and marks as quickly as possible
  • Some inexpensive rubber shoes and slipper soles can cause stains


  • The amount of daily use will determine the amount of cleaning your floor requires
  • Sweep as necessary with a soft broom.  Care must be taken when using a vacuum making sure you use the correct setting when vacuuming vinyl
  • Using a mop and a bucket of warm water, add a small amount of floor cleaner (follow the product instructions)
  • Rinse thoroughly.  For added shine buff with a dry cloth


  • Vinyl floors with additional protective coating do not normally require polishing. However, other floors require polishing to protect the floor surface from staining agents and give the surface a shine.  For such floors apply a liquid emulsion floor polish immediately after installation and there after every 6-12 months.

Do not use:

  • Wire or nylon scouring pads                                              
  • Furniture polish
  • Spirit based polish
  • Powder or liquid abrasive cleaners
  • Bleach or strong detergents

Click here to down load maintenance sheet:  Maintenance Guide .pdf

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